TS Chelsea Marie Fucks TS Nina Lawless

TS Chelsea Marie and TS Nina Lawless get right down to business. As soon as the kissing starts, Nina reaches down and starts stroking Chelsea Marie’s big cock. Of course, in a matter of seconds, she has Chelsea’s cock in her mouth and she’s going all the way down. Deep throat!

While Nina tongues down her dick, Chelsea is reaching around to take off her restrictive clothing. As she throws her outfit aside, Chelsea reveals a very rock hard cock.

Nina Lawless continues her onslaught, licking Chelsea’s balls and cock, going all the way down.

She pushes Chelsea back and sticks out her tongue to lick Chelsea’s ass, which makes her rock hard. She then tongues down Chelsea’s titties as the tattooed hottie strokes both rock hard cocks.

Nina decides that she wants to get her hard cock sucked and Chelsea willingly obliges. Nina’s dick is crazy rock hard as Chelsea stuffs it down her esophagus.

Both girls have fantastic titties and Nina tosses her lone remaining article of clothing, her bra, to the ground.

After a little bit more sucking, it’s time to fuck!

Chelsea pushes Nina’s legs back and starts to slowly fuck her to loosen up her tight ass, asking “do you like my big dick?”

Nina’s response is “I love it.”

That excites Chelsea, who then opens up and pounds Nina hard, before getting in her grove.

Chelsea stretches Nina out and she begs for Chelsea to pound her even harder with that big dick.

Chelsea DESTROYS her ass with a hard pounding from the side with their feet up in the air. She’s going in and out of Nina’s ass at a rapid pace.

“Pound my ass!”

Nina’s titties bounce up and down from the thunderous ass drilling!

Chelsea’s feeling experimental as she fucks Nina’s ass from the scissors position like some good lesbian sex, but these gorgeous girls aren’t butch!

Nina gets up like a cowgirl to ride Chelsea’s cock, then they transition to doggy style which almost makes Chelsea cum, sorry Ms. Marie, but we have to see it it.

She has to jack off for a bit, but Nina beats her to it and and unleashes an awesome cumshot of her own, before Chelsea finishes it off by cumming on Nina’s tit and sticking her dick in Nina’s face so she can lick off the rest!