TS Chelsea Marie Fucks TS Michelle Firestone

When TS Michelle Firestone came up to Northern California to shoot, all the girls were excited to meet her. She’s tall, extremely gorgeous, and has an amazing body. One of her best features is her amazing ass.

TS Chelsea Marie really wanted to put candy in Michelle’s asshole and eat it out, you knew that was going to happen.

The video starts out with a short make out session that’s quickly escalated as Michelle starts to move down Chelsea’s tits. Chelsea Marie’s nipples are amazing.

Michelle then starts to stroke Chelsea’s cock until she gets hard, but then Ms. Firestone says “I’m going to get you harder.”

Michelle kisses Chelsea’s belly button on her way down to sucking her big cock, cupping her balls and going all the way down. Chelsea loves having her thick dick sucked like this.

Chelsea Marie quickly returns the favor, somehow taking all of Michelle’s cock down her throat while stroking her own dick. Chelsea is really enjoying it. Her nipples become rock hard as she slobbers on Michelle’s big, hard dick!

Michelle starts to fuck Chelsea’s throat as she is filled with ecstasy!

Michelle then takes over and strokes her own cock until she cums. Chelsea Marie licks up and swallows the cum, sucking Michelle dry.

The two share a cum-filled kiss.

Michelle gets down on all fours and Chelsea dives in head first for that sweet asshole. Taking it to the next level, Chelsea then puts pieces of candy in Michelle asshole and eats it out.

Chelsea Marie loves to eat ass, right before she fucks the shit out of it!

She pounds Michelle’s ass doggy style and then flattens her out on the floor and punishes her ass.

Chelsea really enjoys pushing Michelle’s legs back and and fucking her from on top. She holds Michelle’s long legs and fucks that ass with long, steady strokes.

She pulls out and drops a huge load of cum on Michelle’s gorgeous face.

More cum kisses follow!