Miranda Meadows and Michelle Firestone

TS Michelle Firestone is a bottom, but she just topped THE SHIT outta of TS Chelsea Marie. Now she’s horny to have her sexy ass fucked.

After Chelsea leaves, TS Miranda Meadows comes in and Michelle takes the opportunity to complain about being horny, but left out to dry by a thoroughly satisfied Chelsea Marie.

Miranda thinks, like the rest of us, that Michelle is hot as fuck. Even though Miranda has never fucked ANYBODY with her huge cock, she’s willing to give it a try.

After some quick making out, Michelle pulls out Miranda’s cock and sucks her off until she gets rock hard. Then she sucks on Miranda’s tits.

Miranda is the latest victim of Michelle’s perfect ass, because she wastes no time putting face in that perfect asshole and licking away.

Michelle then slowly sits down on Miranda’s big, uncut cock. She has to take it slowly. She gets a look of intensity on her face as she’s taking it, but then screams “oh yea.”

Her confident yelp is replaced by quick flash of agony, but the pain from that thick cock quickly transitions to pleasure. Michelle slowly starts to ride Miranda’s big cock and with her own big cock flopping around.

As she gets used to the size, Michelle starts to ride Miranda’s cock harder and harder. Wanting to feel it deeper, she gets into doggy and Miranda fucks her from behind.

Not bad for a first timer.

Getting a little tired from the new motion, Miranda then fucks Michelle missionary and gives her long, deep, relaxing strokes.

To “top” it off, Miranda strokes her huge cock and then drizzles cum right in Michelle’s hungry mouth!