Michelle Firestone and Nina Lawless

TS Michelle is ready to fuck TS Nina Lawless, but Nina is on her phone. As soon as Nina hears the words “I wanna fuck you,” however, she quickly loses the phone and the girls strip and make out.

Nina knows she’s about to be fucked hard, so she quickly plays the role of fluffer to get Michelle’s dick rock hard. She’s a deep throat specialist, but even she has some trouble taking the whole thing.

The battle has made Nina rock hard even before Michelle gets to stuff her cock down her throat. Nina fucks Michelle’s pretty face down to the base of her fat cock. It makes Michelle want to fuck her even more.

Off with the sole remaining article of clothing, Michelle’s bra. Nina has to suck the cock a little more to make sure it’s rock hard before going in her tight hole.


Nina gets the cock all the way down her throat and then gets HER face fucked hard by Michelle.

“Ah, fuck yea!” says Michelle, because now her big cock is rock hard and attacked by Nina’s ravenous mouth.

“Now I want to fuck you.”

Michelle starts ever so slowly. Nina asks Michelle to spread her ass, and she slides the whole thing in. She works her slowly, so that Nina gets used to the size.

Nina tries to crawl away.

“You’re so big!”

But, Michelle pulls her back.

“Don’t cheat.”

Now Michelle really pounds Nina’s ass. Nina screams in pleasure (agony?).

Michelle flips her over and drills Nina with very long, hard strokes so that she feels the whole dick inside of her. It’s another Michelle Firestone ass pounding.

“YES! Right there!” screams Nina.

Michelle is fucking Nina like she stole something.

Then Michelle jacks Nina off with her cock still in her ass. She sucks Nina’s cock some more, which causes Nina to start leaking cum, which is quickly eaten by Michelle. She loves to swallow cum.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” asks Nina.

Of course, you know the answer to that question.

After eating Michelle’s perfect ass, Michelle has a seat on Nina’s super, rock hard cock. Michelle rides Nina’s thick cock hard, which her own big (hard) dick gyrating as she goes up and down.

Nina has to get up on her toes, but she fucks Michelle’s round ass standing up, fucking her so fast and hard that the camera can barely keep up with the action.

Nina wants to see Michelle cum, so she sits on her stomach and gives her another epic blowjob. Nina stays hard the entire time. She then strokes Michelle off until she cums.

Michelle is not even close to finished, however, as she jacks her own dick off with Nina’s cock2cock and then feeds Nina her cock.

Michelle pulls out her purple dildo and then the two girls fuck like a pair of amazing lipstick lesbians with Michelle sitting on Nina and pouncing up and down on the dildo.

Michelle then fucks Nina AGAIN from the spoon position and she’s fucking her hard and deep. Then more bone rattling pounding as she uses Nina’s ankles like handle bars.

She’s in there deep and is killing that ass until Nina leaks out more cum!

Very hot!